Institution: University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

Address: Splaiul Independentei nr. 313, sector 6

Town: Bucharest

Postal code: 060042

Country: Romania

Phone office: 004021 402 3994

Fax: 004021 318 5900


A brief introduction:

University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest is the largest and the oldest technical university in the country and among the most prestigious universities in Romania. The tradition of our institution is developed in over 190 years through the effort of the most important nation’s schoolmasters and of the generations of students. Today, the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest is undergoing a continuous modernization process, being involved in a permanent dialogue with great universities in Europe and all over the world.

Contact person: Cristiana Luminita GIJIU

Phone mobile: 004072 195 5265


Investing in your future!

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