Institution: Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest

Address: Lacul Tei Bvd., No. 122 – 124 , Sector 2

Town: Bucharest

Postal code: 020396

Country: Romania

Phone office: +40 21 242 1208

Fax: +40 21 242 07 81


A brief introduction:

The Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (UTCB) – 8.000 students and 455 permanent teaching staff – is the only Romanian university entirely devoted to specialists formation in civil engineering and related fields, such as: civil and hydrotechnical constructions, railroads, roads and bridges, geodesy, environmental engineering, building services and construction machines.

The Faculty of Geodesy is the single one in Romania in this domain with a rich history starting in the year 1813 with the first school of  “mark off” (demarcation) engineers and continuing up to the present, the last 50 years of its activity being performed in Bucharest. The Faculty of Geodesy prepares geodetic engineers for design, research, execution and consulting activities in the geodetic engineering domains. Faculty graduates are working in fields such as: geodesy, physical geodesy, space geodesy, engineering topography, topography, cadastre, land registration, GIS et al.

The Faculty of Hydrotechnics (800 students, 58 permanent teaching staff) assures training of the students both in the structural analysis and in the fluid dynamics fields. The engineers who graduated from the Faculty of Hydrotechnics have designed most of the hydrotechnical works in Romania, being also involved in researches related to integrated water resources management.

Contact person: Radu DROBOT

Phone mobile: +40 720 900 415


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