Institution: National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Address: Tsarigradsko Shose 66

Town: Sofia

Postal code: 1784

Country: Bulgaria

Phone office: +359885440495



A brief introduction:

NIMH was established in February 1890. Its primary mission is to provide meteorological and hydrological information and products to different organizations and users in Bulgaria. Its duties comprise both operational, theoretical and applied research activities. Hydrological and meteorological observations, data acquisition and telecommunication, monitoring the air and surface and water quantitative parameters, meteorological and hydrological forecasts, assistance to special sectors through applied maritime meteorology and agrometeorology, maintenance of data base, scientific researches, numerical and statistical modeling are only part of the duties of NIMH. It is representing Bulgaria in the World Meteorological Organization. It is also leading a range of activities at the Balkans like the annual meeting of the Directors of the hydro-meteorological services, regional meteorological database and metadata base, etc.

Contact person: Plamen Ninov

Phone mobile: n/a


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