Institution: National Environmental Protection Agency

Address: Splaiul Independentei, nr. 294, Sector 6

Town: Bucharest

Postal code: 060031

Country: Romania

Phone office: 0040 21 207 11 01

Fax: 0040 21 207 11 03


A brief introduction:

The National Environmental Protection Agency is a specialised authority of the public central administration, subordinated to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, having competences in the implementation of environmental policies and legislation.

Our mission
NEPA acts to ensure a healthy environment for present and future generations, concurring with the economic development and social progress of Romania. Our mission is to protect and improve environmental quality through the implementation of legislative measures in line with the provisions of the European environmental legislation.

Our responsibilities
- Ensuring technical support for the elaboration of environmental strategies and policies;
- Coordinating the implementation of environmental strategies and policies at the national, and local levels;
- Authorizing activities having a potential environmental impact and ensuring compliance with the legal provisions;
- Managing of the national reference laboratories for air, waste, noise and vibrations, radioactivity;
- Coordinating the processes of environmental planning at national, regional and local levels;
- Elaborating comprehensive documents regarding the state of the environment;
- Reporting the priority data flows to the European Environment Agency through the Eionet network;
- Ensuring the communication with the European Environment Agency and with similar national and federal agencies according to the competencies in the environmental field;

Contact person: Patricia Lungu – Project Manager


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