Institution: Ministerul Mediului, apelor si padurilor

Address: Bulevardul Libertății, Nr. 12, Sector 5

Town: București

Postal code: 040129

Country: România

Phone office: +40214089536

Fax: +40213160282


A brief introduction:

Ministerul Mediului, apelor si padurilor elaborates ​​national environmental policy, water management and forest management, serving as state authority, synthesis, coordination and control in these areas, directly or through specialized technical bodies, authorities or public institutions subordinated, in coordination or under ministry authority.

Ministerul Mediului, apelor si padurilor works to protect the environment and natural resources in order to ensure for current and future generations a clean environment in harmony with economic development and social progress.

Contact person: Dr. Mary-Jeanne Adler – PM LP, Scientific Director at National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management

Phone mobile: +40 722 66 11 30


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