Institution: Institute for Nuclear Research

Address: Str. Campului Nr. 1

Town: Mioveni, jud. Arges

Postal code: 115400

Country: România

Phone office: ++4 0 248 213400

Fax: + 40 248 262449


A brief introduction:

A brief introduction
During its 42 years of activity, the Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti has developed methods, computer codes, and its own experimental infrastructure directed towards the making of end-products, technologies or services with applications in the nuclear power plants area. Involved in the development of nuclear energy, the Institute represents the technical support for the safe and economical operation of nuclear power plants, in accordance with international agreements on the safety of nuclear installations.

During the last decade, the research activity of the Institute mainly concerned the applicative studies for Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant.

Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti has the experience in the field of processing radioactive wastes, elaborating until present time technologies for most of the radioactive wastes produced during the fuel cycle, in order to the storing these wastes in conditions of maximum safety for the environment and population

The activity of the Institute is in full compliance with the national and international research programs for the research reactors and power reactors, which encourages international co-operation and scientific exchanges among different partners.

Contact person: Carmen Arsene

Phone mobile: +4 0 744156133


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