Institution: Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy

Address: Tzarigradsko shose No 72

Town: Sofia

Postal code: 1784

Country: Bulgaria

Phone office: +359 2 974–37–61

Fax: +359 2 975–36–19


A brief introduction:

The Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy is the leading complex centre of the Bulgarian academy of sciences in the field of nuclear physics and applications. The Institute is the biggest unit of the B.A.S. and has a highly qualified scientific potential, well developed infrastructure, broad international cooperation and long standing traditions in nuclear physics, nuclear methods, physics of elementary particles and high energies, theoretical and mathematical physics, neutron physics and physics of nuclear reactors, nuclear engineering, radiochemistry, radioecology, and training.

Contact person: Anna Damianova

Phone mobile: +359 885 921 112


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