Institution: Executive Environment Agency

Address: ”Tzar Boris III” № 136 blvd.

Town: Sofia

Postal code: 1618

Country: Bulgaria

Phone office: +359 2 940 64 66

Fax: +359 2 955 90 15


A brief introduction:

Executive Environment Agency (ExEA) is an administration with the Minister of Environment and Water to carry out management, coordination and information functions as regards the control and environmental protection in Bulgaria. It designs and manages the National System for Environmental Monitoring for monitoring and information on the state of environmental components and factors on the complete territory of the country.

The Agency is a National Reference Centre within the European Environment Agency (EEA).

The Agency is a Member of EPA Network.
The EPA Network is an informal grouping bringing together the directors of environment protection agencies and similar bodies across Europe. The network exchanges views and experiences on issues of common interest to organisations involved in the practical day-to-day implementation of environmental policy.

Contact person: Camellia Dikova

Phone mobile: n/a


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