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12. Elaboration of a new technology for wastewater processing and conditioning the liquid organic wastes radioactively contaminated from the nuclear power plants

12.1. Elaboration of a new technology of wastewater processing from the nuclear plants in Cernavoda and Kozloduy

12.2. Elaboration of technologies for processing liquid organic radioactive wastes from Cernavoda and Kozloduy

12.3. Testing the technologies for conditioning liquid organic wastes

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13. Information dissemination mechanism for regional development of the border area

13.1. Development and configuration of interfaces for obtaining the components needed for the information portal

13.2. Meetings with the local administration representatives for data dissemination and portal design and implementation

13.3. Functional presentation pannels for environmental conditions


14. New procedures for cross-border collaboration established as a result of which the links and exchange of information between the relevant Bulgarian and Romanian authorities will be accelerated by

14.1. Harmonization of the national warning guidelines regarding the accidental water polution in Romania and Bulgaria with the international regulations

14.2. FLIWAS Decision System Application

14.3. Establishing of a common procedure for intervention in case of cross-border floods and accidental pollution

14.4. Establish bilingual information portal for dissemination of information of interest issues

Final report for Activity 14


15. Detailed analysis of the groundwater of the Danube

15.1. Analysis of the groundwater monitoring network and program in the RO/BG region in order to optimize it; TA during the rehabilitation of wells

15.2. Rehabilitation of existing wells in areas where the hydrogeological information is needed

15.3. Procurement and installation of modern monitoring equipment in the rehabilitated wells and in some other existing ones

15.4. Procurement of […]


16. Project management

Final report for Activity 16


17. Publications, promotion materials, information events, media campaign

17.1. Editing promotional materials – posters, banners, brochures, leaflets,DVDs

17.2. Organising promotional events

17.3. Procurements (publications, promotion materials, information events)Vezi Galeria


18. External audit

18.1. Final monitoring and reporting

18.2. Final project audit