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8. Staff trained to operate the new equipment and work with the new software application for quality monitoring


6. Comparable geodetic systems for water stages and for the landmarks for water level observation

6.1. Establishing of a common geodetic system – Data harmonization

6.2. Geodetic measurements of landmarks and set up of conversion standards

6.3. Geodetic measurements for all the groundwater monitoring points in the project area


12. Elaboration of new technology for wastewater processing and conditioning the liquid organic wastes radioactively contaminated from the nuclear power plants


7. Improving the methods of forecasting by developing a common model, and warning through increased accuracy and reliability based on modern means of communication between the two countries

7.1. Inventory of the existing modeling and forecasting practices

7.2. Identification of the information and forecasting products

7.3. Inventory of the availabe real time and historical data to be used for model building

7.4. Planning improvements in the monitoring systems

7.5. Building a real time common Information System, data exchange program and common database

7.6. Review and establishing of the […]


15. Detailed analysis of groundwater of the Danube


8. Staff trained to operate the new equipment and work with the new software application for quality monitoring and diagnose

Vezi Galeria


17. Publications, promotion materials, information events, media


9. Increased institutional capacity of the Agencies, Ministries and National Institutes

9.1. Training for the new knowledge of water quality new equipment functioning

9.2. Training for use of the water quality database

9.3. Training for cartografic application development and use

9.4. Trainings on GIS, databases and modelling – Flood Directive Implementation

9.5. Advanced training for groundwater specialists in GIS, groundwater databases and modeling

9.6. Training on groundwater monitoring


10. Spatial analysis for identification of the best areas for water accumulation, to recharge the groundwater and create the wet areas for fisheries and for ecological touristic activities

10.1. Developing methods and standards for groundwater parameters mapping

10.2. Spatial analysis for identification of water accumulation areas

10.3. Assessment of geological and hydrogeological parameters

10.4. Participation of the action plan for Danube River and its floodplain development


11. Low flows management guidelines for the two countries, for drought prevention in the Danube floodplain area; integrated exploitation of the reservoirs and of the wet areas reserves

11.1. Analysis of the change in the frequency distribution of annual precipitation

11.2. Analysis of the maximum number of consecutive days when the streamflow was below the minimum average

11.3. Analysis of the magnitude and duration of annual extreme streamflow conditions

11.4. Review and elaboration of low flow and drought indexes and threshold

11.5. Low flow management guidelines for […]