About Danube Water Integrated Management

Danube WATER project is classified as strategic project for both the implementation of the Danube Strategy and Programme Romania-Bulgaria cross-border development.

The aim of the project is the modernization and development of the integrated qualitative and quantitative measurements on common sector of the Danube, by Romania and Bulgaria, by:

  • Improve monitoring of the Danube plain water, for the river and the aquifer in which the water exchange and downstream of the main users of water, electro-nuclear power station at Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant and at the fields of oil mining and processing from Serbia and Romania;
  • Acquisition of one vessel that will be used for water quality monitoring as a tool for rapid intervention in case of major oil pollution on the Danube;
  • Provision by each partner of the results of measurements (each country can thus reduce their hydrological measurement program);
  • Work linkage methodologies and data processing in each country.

The Rinno PRIZE is awarded to the project DANUBE WATER 30-oct-2015

Conferinta Internationala Multidisciplinara SGEM2016 Albena Bulgaria –  (Citeste Comunicatul) si documentul MECHANISMS OF INFORMATION AND DISSEMINATION FOR REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF DANUBE MEADOW

Participare la Targul international ECOMEDIU Arad – (Citeste Comunicatul)

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march 2015 – “Romanian Waters” Agency continues the series of actions carried out by the World Water Day with regional symposium in Giurgiu (read the press release)

june 2014 – Project “Danube WATER integrated management” –WATER
MIS-ETC 166 (DanubeWATER-Prezentation-June-2014-1)

september 2013 – Contribution of National Administration “Romanian Waters” at Joint Danube Survey(ArticolHidrotehnica_JDS3_2014)

Integrated Database Water Informatics System( SII-WATER Prezentare sistem+Portal )

Raport final